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happy 2012!

a lot has happened in 2011– a little too much that i failed to reach my posting goals for last year. work got in the way (not that i’m complaining) but taught me a lot in food styling tubs and tubs of ice cream! will try to start the year with some cool desserts perfect for this coming summer months.

stay tuned!


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guess what I had for dinner. a recipe with only three ingredients. ha! beat that. but i’m just too full and quite tired tonight that i will need to postpone my posting of this popular filipino food tomorrow.so stay tuned.

also, i started doing my own food photography! i’m actually excited about it and plan to shoot more stuff in the days to come. as you have probably noticed, some of my previous photos are artistically challenged since they were snapped before/during/after cooking by moi sans the lighting. the hubby has been busy with work and he hasn’t been around to shoot my kitchen exploits (boo!) anyhow, i started using some lighting and to have them look more appetizing. still freshly cooked for consumption with just a bit of prop styling as promised 🙂

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I started my food blog to share, learn, and have fun with all the kitchen cooking that I’ve been doing as a food stylist. I haven’t added much since last year so this year “I shall try” with all my heart to cook and write and take nice photos of delicious savory and dessert treats that my humble oven will give birth to. Here I come 2011!

* this is one my favorite Goldilocks Chocolate Cake! not too sweet but rich and amazingly heaven on your plate

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